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Executive Communication Skills Coaching

Executive communication skills coaching in the areas of securing buy-in at key meetings Brian Bassett has specialized in working with senior executives since 1993. He can help you represent yourself with greater impact when it comes to building your career or business.

Concerns of significance in developing successful internal or external business relationships can include:

Job Interviews
  • How do you surface their real issues?
  • How do you overcome preconceived notions about you/your experience?
  • How do you sound like a VP when you are currently a Director?
  • How do you credibly respond to: “Why would you settle for something at this level?”
  • How do you engage an interviewer that you’ve successfully competed against?

Career Search and Networking Telephone Calls
  • What’s their incentive to meet with you when you need their help/advice?
  • How quickly do you get to the point - their point?
  • Do you need a dramatically different strategy for leaving voicemail messages?
  • Do you possess a positive, effective strategy for engaging “gatekeepers?”
  • When does email work?

Communication and Presentation Skills
  • How do you communicate with individuals who think you are not assertive enough?
  • Enthusiasm about what you do is contagious, are you spreading useful information?
  • Are you with a smaller outfit now and expected to do your share of “selling?”
  • Are you talking to audiences, or is your presentation being driven by your visuals?
  • Does your first presentation/conference call in your new role focus on you or on them?

Either as an effective “sounding board,” or as a provider of no-nonsense feedback, Brian’s direct and rather engaging approach will help you test and further develop key communication strategies.